Are You a Rotten Fish?

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Is there someone in your life you fear is a false convert?
Do you want to make sure your youth group isn’t filled with false converts?
Then “Are You a Rotten Fish?” is the perfect Gospel booklet for you.

Short. Thorough. Punchy. Loving.
“Are You a Rotten Fish?” is a detailed treatment of true and false conversions.
In other words, the difference between good fish and rotten fish.

“Are You a Rotten Fish?” compares and contrasts:

  • True faith vs. saving faith.
  • The true Gospel vs. false Gospels.
  • The correct response (repent and trust) vs. incorrect responses (ask Jesus into your heart).

So, who do you know who might be a rotten fish?

Read for yourself before you give it out: DOWNLOAD.

We encourage you to read the booklet here, and then order 10, 25, 50, or 100 copies to distribute to people you care about.