Drive By Discernment

Drive By Discernment is designed to sharpen your skill to help you separate the true from the "almost true."

Never in the history of the world have false teachers had a greater ability to slyly introduce their ear-tickling teachings. Unfortunately, the good old days are gone when heretics would proudly proclaim, "I don't believe what you do!" Instead, they seductively slip almost true teachings alongside of the true.

More than that, you will learn how to discern yourself to make sure that you never fall into a theological ditch.

These lectures are the cream of the crop from the Psalm 119 Conferences.

One-time digital download format available.


"I purchased Drive By Discernment last night and let me say it's awesome." - Kenny

"I just bought the discernment download and I can say I honestly think that's one of the best products that Wretched has ever put out... I love it." Vance

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